U.S. At World Cup- Last Glitter In 1930

October 13, 2017

The “Beautiful Game” turned ugly for the U.S. as a stunning loss to Trinidad & Tobago at the qualifiers sent the Americans packing without a ticket to next year’s World Cup.

But America’s absence from soccer’s premier international tournament shouldn’t raise quick eyebrows.

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October 8, 2017
Pelé - National Treasure

How do you keep a home-grown sports phenom from leaving his country for greener pastures? Turn him into a national treasure, legally. Forty years ago this month, soccer’s greatest player of all time retired after …

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October 1, 2017
Black Sports Figures & Race

A century before Colin Kaepernick knelt down in protest against racial injustice, boxing champ Jack Johnson was flouting the racism of his day by cavorting openly with white women. …

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September 24, 2017
Dames In The World Of Sires

In the male-dominated world of thoroughbred racing, it was a woman who bred and raced the most accomplished horse in American history. Penny Chenery, who died last week at the age of 95, was the leading …

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September 15, 2017
For Every Winning Streak, A Losing One

In case there is any doubt, the world of sports does answer to the laws of physics- for every winning streak, there is an equal and opposite losing streak buried somewhere in the …

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September 10, 2017
Nature's Fury On The Gridiron

Mother nature’s wrath will spare nothing and no one, not even championship games. Rain, fog, ice and blizzards are all part of life on the planet but their unwelcome arrival can transform …

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September 3, 2017
45 Years Late, A Memorial To The Munich Massacre

Munich’s Olympic Park is set to unveil a new memorial this week honoring the 11 Israeli athletes massacred by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympic games. …

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August 27, 2017
Three Years After Jackie, Althea

Three years after Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s racial barrier, another athlete who was born into a family of southern sharecroppers cracked open the U.S. National Championships, …

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August 20, 2017
When Ali Took On A Wrestler

The hyper-promoted “Money Fight” between boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and mixed martial arts specialist Conor McGregor sends echoes of a 41- year old forgotten bout. In 1976, legendary Muhammad Ali …

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10 years ago

RUGBY  October 20, 2007- South Africa defeat England 15-6 at the quadrennial Rugby World Cup, the sport’s premier international tournament. It was South Africa’s second championship since the competition event was introduced in 1987. New Zealand remain the all-time champions with three victories, including the inaugural games.

20 years ago

FOOTBALL  October 18, 1997- Liz Heaston becomes the first woman to score in a college football game. The junior with the Williamette Bearcats kicked two separate field goals to help her team defeat the Linfield Wildcats 27-0. Heaston was a star soccer player at Williamette and was recruited by the school’s football team to fill in for their injured kicker.

30 years ago

BOXING  October 16, 1987- Mike Tyson TKO’s Tyrell Biggs in the 7th round to retain his WBA/WBC/IBF heavyweight titles. A year earlier, at age 20, Tyson became the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight title when he took down Trevor Berbick in the 2nd round. “Iron Mike” retired in 2005, leaving a trail of controversies inside and outside the ring.

40 years ago

BASEBALL  October 18, 1977- Reggie Jackson knocks three consecutive home runs at Yankee Stadium in the clinching game 6 of the World Series. The slugger won two straight championships with the NY team, 1977-78, and previously three with the Oakland A’s, 1972-74. He retired in 1987 as a 14x All-Star and was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1993.